Help your patients reach symptom control with AUSTEDO

Shared Solutions®—Reach out. We’ll reach back.
To get your patients started:

Utilize 4-week Patient Starter Pack*

(30-day Free Trial Voucher for patients not sampled)


Provide 36 mg/day Rx for Week 51

Continue titrating weekly until symptom control is effectively and tolerably achieved (48 mg/day maximum dosage).1

Shared Solutions®—Reach out. We’ll reach back.

Use PSRF to get started with the support of Shared Solutions.

~90% of patients on AUSTEDO pay $10 or less per month for their prescription.2

Learn more about cost and coverage

Additional resources to help with patient access:

PSRF, Prescription and Service Request Form.


*Notify pharmacy if patient has been sampled.


Request pharmacy apply 30-day Free Trial Voucher against initial 30-day Rx. Certain restrictions apply. Terms and conditions on


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