Shared Solutions provides support for you and your patients to help achieve treatment goals

Teva Shared Solutions®.

Support for your office: Shared Solutions streamlines access and works directly with your preferred pharmacy to fill prescriptions to help get patients started*

Support for your patients: Shared Solutions provides support with access, affordability, and adherence—including nurse support and patient education1

Two ways to get started with Shared Solutions

Enroll your patient:

Complete the PSRF and obtain your patient’s signature to receive full benefits from Shared Solutions. Fax completed form to 1-844-257-6126.


Patient self-enrollment:

Patients can self-enroll for nurse support and financial assistance at any time by visiting

Utilize iAssist to enroll your patients (if available at your office).

Register for a free iAssist account.

Shared Solutions provides ongoing patient support by covering the “3 A’s”:

ACCESS—Shared Solutions helps by managing:

  • Prior authorization and appeals
  • Pharmacy identification and referral
  • Insurance benefits, Medicare Part D, and Medicaid verification and navigation

AFFORDABILITY—Shared Solutions determines the appropriate financial assistance offerings for your patients

  • Free Trial Vouchers are available to new patients for 4 weeks of titration or 30 days of maintenance
  • Copay Cards are available to eligible, commercially insured patients—they may pay as little as $0 on each fill

ADHERENCE—Shared Solutions supports patients in reaching their goals with1:

  • Proactive nurse communication (phone, SMS, email, direct mail)
  • Adherence support, expectation reinforcement, dosing and titration guidance
  • Patient education
  • Tools and resources to help manage their treatment

Shared Solutions is available Monday-Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM CT

  • To reach the dedicated line for HD chorea: Call 1-800-887-8100, Option #2 for AUSTEDO, then Option #6
  • Your patients can also visit at any time

Request a visit from a Patient Support Specialist who can help with access and reimbursement, prescription pull-through, and patient assistance support.

If you don’t have a Patient Support Specialist, reach out to your sales representative.

*Fill out preferred pharmacy on PSRF. Shared Solutions will route to HCP or patient-preferred pharmacies if in network.

See Terms and Conditions on

HD, Huntington’s disease; PSRF, Prescription and Service Request Form.

REFERENCE: 1. Data on file. Parsippany, NJ: Teva Neuroscience, Inc.