Shared Solutions for patients with tardive dyskinesia (TD)

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Shared Solutions®                  offers patient                  support. Support,                  knowledge,                  answers.

Shared Solutions streamlines access and works directly with pharmacies to fill prescriptions and provide financial and adherence support.

Start the Shared Solutions process by:

Downloading and completing the Prescription and Service Request Form (PSRF) or requesting one from your rep

  • Remember to secure patient authorization by obtaining the patient’s signature on the PSRF, or by having the patient enroll online at


Utilizing iAssist to enroll your patients (if available at your office)

Your patients can also self-enroll by visiting

Shared Solutions provides ongoing patient support by covering the “3 A’s”:

ACCESS—We help navigate hurdles that might stop your patient from accessing treatment

  • Benefit verification and navigation (Commercial, Medicare Part D, and Medicaid)
  • Prior authorization and appeals
  • Pharmacy identification and referral, even if you have a pharmacy preference

AFFORDABILITY—We help patients to identify financial assistance offerings

  • Free Trial Vouchers are available to all new TD and HD chorea patients for first 4 weeks of treatment
  • Copay cards are available to eligible, commercially insured patients—as little as $0 copay per month

ADHERENCE—We help patients start and stay on treatment1

  • Assist with managing dosing schedules and set treatment expectations
  • Proactive adherence communication from the first prescription
  • On-call nurse support throughout a patient’s treatment with AUSTEDO

Shared Solutions is available Monday-Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM CT

Call us at 1-800-887-8100 or your patients can visit

Request a visit from a Patient Support Specialist who can help with access and reimbursement, prescription pull-through, and patient assistance support.*

*If you don’t have a Patient Support Specialist, reach out to your sales representative.

HD, Huntington’s disease.

REFERENCE: 1. Data on file. Parsippany, NJ: Teva Neuroscience, Inc.