The 1st VMAT2 inhibitor approved for both HD chorea and TD1

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For adults with TD or HD chorea

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*Chorea control defined as reduction in total maximal chorea score in the pivotal study.1

Patients in the pivotal and 3-year studies received the AUSTEDO BID formulation.1,2

Hear experts in HD discuss AUSTEDO and AUSTEDO XR

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Dr. Rajeev Kumar discusses SF-36 results and impact on activities of daily play-circle-active.svg

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Dr. Fahd Amjad discusses long-term results through 3 play-circle-active.svg

HD, Huntington’s disease; SF-36, Short Form (36) Health Survey; TD, tardive dyskinesia; VMAT2, vesicular monoamine transporter 2.

REFERENCES: 1. AUSTEDO® XR (deutetrabenazine) extended-release tablets and AUSTEDO® current Prescribing Information. Parsippany, NJ: Teva Neuroscience, Inc. 2. Frank S, Testa CM, Edmondson MC, et al. The safety of deutetrabenazine for chorea in Huntington Disease: an open-label extension study. CNS Drugs. 2022;36(11):1207-1216. doi:10.1007/s40263-022-00956-8 3. Data on file. Parsippany, NJ: Teva Neuroscience, Inc.