Overnight switch to once-daily AUSTEDO XR from tetrabenazine1

Recommended Initial Dose Following Switch at ~50% of Daily Tetrabenazine Dose1

Current Tetrabenazine Dose
12.5 mg/day
25 mg/day
37.5 mg/day
50 mg/day
62.5 mg/day
75 mg/day
87.5 mg/day
100 mg/day
6 mg once daily
12 mg once daily
18 mg once daily
24 mg once daily
30 mg once daily
36 mg once daily
42 mg once daily
48 mg once daily

Resume recommended titration schedule after tetrabenazine switch.1

In the long-term study, patients in the Overnight Switch cohort saw results maintained through 3 years2

Patients typically pay less out of pocket vs tetrabenazine3*

AUSTEDO XR is contraindicated in patients taking tetrabenazine.1

*Time period: 1/2022 through 2/2023.3

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