The #1 prescribed treatment for HD chorea1

In the ARC-HD 2-cohort, long-term, open-label extension trial

Reductions in TMC score from baseline observed through Week 8 in the Switch cohort2,3

TMC Score Following Overnight Switch to AUSTEDO3

ARC-HD: TMC score at weeks 1, 4, and 8, following overnight switch from tetrabenazine, 2.1 point change in TMC score from baseline at Week 8.

Reductions from baseline in TMC score observed in the Switch cohort at Weeks 1, 4, and 82,3*

  • The Switch cohort was one of two patient cohorts included in ARC-HD and was assessed independently through Week 8
  • After Week 8, cohorts were merged
  • Dose adjustments were permitted after Week 1
  • At baseline, the median dose of tetrabenazine was 37.5 mg/day. The median doses of AUSTEDO were 18 mg/day (Week 1), 30 mg/day (Week 4), and 36 mg/day (Week 8)

Results were maintained through ~3 years2

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Deuterium helps maintain more consistent drug levels.1,4,5

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ARC-HD long-term, open-label extension study design

was an open-label, single-arm, 2-cohort study of long-term use of AUSTEDO in patients with HD chorea. The Rollover cohort had successfully completed FIRST-HD and underwent a 1-week washout prior to initiating 6 mg of AUSTEDO daily. The Switch cohort comprised patients with Huntington’s disease chorea who had been on a stable dose of tetrabenazine and were converted overnight to a dose of AUSTEDO predicted to provide comparable systemic exposure. The 2 cohorts were analyzed separately from baseline to Week 8 and together from Week 8 to Week 132 (or last visit on AUSTEDO). A total of 119 patients with HD chorea were enrolled (Rollover cohort, n=82; Switch cohort, n=37). In both cohorts, dosage was titrated by 6 mg/day per week. Endpoints were changes in the UHDRS, TMS, and TMC scores from baseline to Week 8, as well as those from Week 8 to Week 132 (or end of treatment).2

*Exploratory endpoint.

Switching patients from tetrabenazine to AUSTEDO4

Recommended Initial Dose, After Switch From Tetrabenazine4

Current Tetrabenazine Dose
12.5 mg/day
25 mg/day
37.5 mg/day
50 mg/day
62.5 mg/day
75 mg/day
87.5 mg/day
100 mg/day
6 mg/day
12 mg/day
18 mg/day
24 mg/day
30 mg/day
36 mg/day
42 mg/day
48 mg/day

AUSTEDO is contraindicated in patients taking tetrabenazine.

After switching from tetrabenazine, the dose may be adjusted at weekly
intervals by 6 mg/day, following the dosing and titration schedule for AUSTEDO.4

HD, Huntington’s disease; PK, pharmacokinetic; TMC, total maximal chorea; TMS, total motor score; UHDRS, Unified Huntington’s Disease Rating Scale.

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